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Cornwall and the radical left

A friend in the radical left Breton party -Breizhistance- sent me a policy statement (below) on Breton self-determination.

It came, after some badgering by Breton activists, from the Nouveau parti anticapitaliste (NPA), one of the parties from the French radical left. According to one of their spokespersons the NPA are "the left that fights, anticapitalist, internationalist, antiracist, ecologist, feminist, opposing all forms of discrimination". On Brittany they say:
"Nous affirmons aussi que le peuple et les travailleurs de Bretagne doivent pouvoir choisir, en se déterminant librement, un autre modèle institutionnel social et démocratique permettant d’imposer d’autres choix profitant à la majorité et non à une minorité privilégié".

Translated (I'm open to suggested improvements here) we have:

We also affirm that the people and workers of Brittany should have the power to choose -freely and democratically- another institutional, social and democratic model, permitting the imposition of other choices benefiting the majority and not a small privileged minority.

It should be noted that the NPA are much more open in their support for Corsican self-determination. There is much less mincing of words. Nevertheless, how refreshing it would be if the UK's radical left were as open-minded towards Kernow. How gratifying it would be indeed if the plethora of left-wing micro-parties in the UK actually got their acts together and organised themselves into one single and modern force like the NPA. They couldn't pretend to join the big LibLabCon three, but, like the Greens, they could still be a voice that is heard and has influence.

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