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The BBC - being Cornish is bad!

Following the recent efforts to inform people that they can now record themselves as Cornish on the forthcoming 2011 census a local blogger wrote an article called - Tick here for the Cornish Jedi option.

In the article, by association, the author tries to liken people writing Cornish on the census to the spoof of 2001 that saw thousands of people across the UK recording their religion as Jedi. Collecting data on a long-standing minority group and a humorous wind-up of the authorities - are they the same? Clearly the author is trying sell them as such. Clearly he his trying to ridicule the collection of data on Cornish identity and downgrade its importance.

You may think that there is nothing extraordinary about any of this - a quick tour of the blogosphere will confirm that far worse can be found. That's true enough. What's more striking in this instance is the origin of the blog. The author is a paid employee of the BBC and his blog hosted on the BBC website. Read the article for yourself here: Tick here for the Cornish Jedi option

Two more blog articles quickly followed from the same writer: George Orwell on Celtic Nationalism and Nationalism - quote unquote. The gist of both being that 'nationalism' (undefined) is bad. Keeping in mind the writers previous post and the forthcoming census the inference is obvious. Recording ones ethnic and/or national identity as Cornish is nationalism and nationalism is bad. Of course the state sponsored British and English nationalism rampant in Cornwall fails to draw the ire of the writer. Equally, that a minion of a state controlled media corporation should be quoting Orwell to a small minority group in order to dissuade them from horrible Cornish nationalism - i.e recording their heartfelt ethnic and/or national identity on a state census - is not without humour value.

I wonder if any other minority group comes in for the same treatment from BBC employees?

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