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95% of Conservative / Liberal Democrat peers oppose amendment to Keep Cornwall Whole

Yes, of course, more important things are happening in the world right now. Even without the democratic revolutions in the Arab world we could still quickly find something somewhere of far greater importance than the future of Cornwall's territorial integrity.

Is this a legitimate excuse for not standing up for Kernow though? It's certainly used as such by many a disingenuous opponent of Cornish rights to dismiss activists that fight for them. Never mind that one could easily turn the argument around to attack all but the most Earth shatteringly important issues beloved of ones opponent.

It's all relative and depends on the scale used I guess is the answer. Compared to planetary environmental and social issues - yes, go right ahead and forget Cornwall- but from a Cornish perspective, for those duty bound to care for the future of Cornwall (i.e her sons and daughters / born and adopted), this is important! Why can't we campaign on many different levels for issues of varying importance? I don't want social justice rather than Cornish rights or Middles East democracy instead of Cornish self-determination. I want them all!

This is about Cornwall's representation in Parliament. It's about Lib Dem and Conservative politicians who promised so much for Cornwall only to stab us in the back. This is about the continuing and state sponsored erosion of an inconvenient minority identity. Goodbye Kernow and hello Devonwall, West Country, South West or whatever other preferred brand dreamt up by bureaucrats and marketing men in London.

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