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Who's the separatists and who's the unionist?

I've been given the dubious honour of being listed in a blog role of Nationalist Insugency on the blog A Pint of Unionist Lite.

Whilst always being grateful for people linking to the CRB I can't help but feel that in this case I'm playing the token Cornish nationalists for want of a better blogger. Anyway there are some very good blogs in the list of insurgents with some great opinion piece writers -something sadly lacking here- and it's still good to be counted amongst their number.

Now as to this label of nationalist insurgent. Is it deserved?

I think that within the collective conciousness of Cornwall (and further afield) a Cornish national identity exists that should be given the same level of respect as the other national identities found within the UK. If that a nationalist me makes then so be it. I support this grass-roots and outlaw Cornish national identity against the disapprobation of the Anglo-British centre, its establishment rubber stamped British identity and UK state-nationalism. If that makes me an insurgent then I'll wear the label with pride. After all what authority does any establishment have to force upon its people one identity at the expense of other naturally occurring identities?

However if by being called a nationalist I'm being portrayed as xenophobic, supremacist and isolationist then I utterly refute the label. Let all national identities have the same rights that I would have for mine. Accept that identities overlap and coexist and do so even within individuals. Thinking on polyculturalism probably comes closest to my position at the moment.

Not wishing to speak for all 'nationalists' in other parts of these isles -or even on behalf of the Cornish movement- but it seems evident that new federal structures would be needed post independence. The very idea of totally independent nation-states seems dated to me in this interconnected and interdependent world of ours. The most rational and productive path of cooperation necessarily leads via democratically accountable internationalist governmental structures. To govern relations between the nations and regions of this Atlantic archipelago, the rest of Europe and further afield, federalism is the way.

So what is the blog author of APOUL saying when he calls himself a unionist and me an insurgent nationalist? Be sure to understand that it's only one type of union with one form of government that interests him. A British union with only one parliament in London. I think I'm safe in saying that any form of federal union with our European neighbours is not at all this bloggers pint of lite either. So, an insurgent British nationalist determined to create division amongst the peoples of Europe?

Is this a big -unionist- coming out then? Well yes if you see unionism in federalism then I suppose so. The people are sovereign not parliaments or monarchs in distant capitals. From the grass-roots up, running from neighbourhood to continent, we should decide together at each level the most appropriate form of government. That's my pint federalist lite.


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