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Telling our own story.

A very worthwhile project here to bring to your attention called Bish Bash Bosh Productions.

They write about themselves: BishBashBosh Productions are a new production company from Cornwall dedicated to commissioning, developing and producing Cornu-centric theatre, film and media – new work that offers a response to Cornish issues, trends and events. We find our inspiration in landscape, community, multi-culturalism, Celticity, and literature and theatre across frontiers. In this way we hope to develop a National Theatre for Cornwall [Gwaryjy Kenedhlek rag Kernow].

I'll take this opportunity to throw in another plug for Awen, a media production social enterprise based in West Cornwall, as well as Tyskennow Kernow, their series of short films made in and about cornwall and the Cornish language. This series of DVD's is new, just at No2, so get and buy them.

Both the above ventures are part of the essential re-appropriation of Cornwall's identity by the people of Cornwall themselves. Romanticised to produce kitsch for tourists consumption or denigrated as poor and backward, too long voiceless and too long portrayed by others, Cornwall must now start to tell its own story.

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