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A message from the central scrutiniser

Many faithfully UKanian consumers will not have failed to notice a certain disquiet in some less fortunate countries around the globe. Greece, Tunisia, Egypt- where next? Rest assured! Order will be restored shortly and consumption resumed.

Even within the shores of sacred island England some less enlightened UKanians may have been heard incoherently and negatively mumbling about bankers, city traders and other such noble professionals.

These unfortunate few are sick!

They are, of course, being manipulated by the insidious Trade Unions. The self same Trade Unions that have endangered our economies in the past by insisting on such frivolities as more money and paid holidays. As if working in itself was not enough for some! Do not be fooled! If there has been a mild down turn in our economies -leading to some limited career reconversion's it's true- then it is clearly the fault of the Trade Unions and other deluded rabble rouser rather than the sacred city and it's holy financial industry.

Unions do not make you strong! They make you sick!

Neo-liberationalism has brought health and happiness to some lucky people. If you have not yet benefited then -Keep Calm- your number is queued.

Mobilising the Earth's resources for the aforementioned lucky people, whenever economically viable, neo-liberationalism has also preserved some nice green areas where consumers can walk.

Neo-liberationalism is ironing out those uncomfortable cultural differences that exist between people. Soon -in all corners of the UK- UKanian consumers will no longer need question their identity or have to adapt their behaviour to respect the identity of others. Your identity is a subject far to complex for you to deal with alone. For this reason such questions have been decided by experts and the process of UKanianisation is now well under way. For those in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Cornwall and Wales with identity doubts -Keep Calm- and continue to devote your precisely valued time to UKanian BBC (now with a greater range of similarity than ever before). This should help sooth away any such identity pains.

A message brought to you by the LibLabCon establishment. Comfortably snoozing in the pocket of some banker somewhere.

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