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I'm Having A St Pirans Day Celebration

I'm Having A St Pirans Day Celebration

Christmas is behind us so lets turn to our next opportunity to drink ourselves into oblivion and away from the ConDems. St Pirans day will be a time of celebration across Kernow and for lovers of Cornwall around the globe.

The Celtic League in Cornwall has continued its campaign of letter writing to all local councils with not little success. Equally a new initiative can now also be found associated with the Melting Pot Cafe in Redruth. They say: There is now a campaign to make St Piran's Day as widely known and as celebrated as other festivals and patron saint's days.

The campaign has begun by establishing St Piran's Day as a cross-Cornwall day of music and celebration by enabling and encouraging 500 pubs to take part; this will then cause a chain reaction across the South West and into the Cornish enclaves across the globe.

This project already boasts support from a wide range of Businesses, Charities and Organisations including: Cornwall Council, Feast, MAGA the cornish language partnership,Cumpas music project, Leap Media, Lovely Little Books, mycornwall Magazine and TV, the melting pot cafe, Celtic Branch League, Bewnance Kernow, Celtic Link and the list is growing..........

To register your interest in volunteering, your participation as a venue, your wish to contribute to our St Piran's Kit or even if you would like to donate any amount of money contact Ben Read: ben @ themeltingpotcafe.co.uk

All donations must be received by Christmas 2010 and St Piran's Kit contributions by 10th January 2011. Kits will be sent to participating venues in mid January; we must receive venue's requests to host a St Piran's Day party by then.

Make your pledge to participate by visiting www.facebook.com and search for our page called - I'm Having A St Pirans Day Celebration [link here].

Please use the statement above to help us generate interest in this project.

Email this information to everybody in Cornwall and across the globe and lets get St Pirans Day celebrated Proper.

Get involved and lets make the 5th of March for all who love Cornwall a day of drunken oblivion.

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