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A good future society

The Project for a Participatory Society U.K (PPS-UK) organises around the belief that much of the injustices that exist in our societies today can be eliminated or significantly reduced by replacing the current social structures with new ones that further more humane values such as self-management, solidarity, diversity, equality and justice. To guide our actions in improving peoples' lives today through reform work, building alternative institutions, education, etc. we need to have an idea of where we are going and what kind of institutional features a good future society should have based on thought and lessons from history. One value we believe in is self-management, which we think more clearly defines democracy as being that people should have a say in decisions in proportion to the degree they are affected. so for example, if an issue only affects Cornwall then only folk living in Cornwall should have a say. How this would be implemented requires more detail of the economic, political, kinship and cultural models that we organise around such as participatory economics: a model for a classless economy.

Thanks to PPS-UK for the above response. There is a PPS-Kernow if anybody wants to make contact. 

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