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Breton solidarity for Cornish students

Solidarité avec les étudiants cornouaillais en lutte contre la dégradation de l'enseignement supérieur - Le blog des Jeunes de l'UDB - Re Yaouank an UDB - UDByouth

It's gratifying to see such support for Cornish students coming from the Breton Democratic Union, MK's sister party in Brittany.

Unfortunately the most vulnerable and poorest will suffer the most from the proposed cuts. Don't forget to follow the developments of the Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance here at March the Fury.

I certainly hope the Labour party doesn't perform a hostile takeover of the Alliance in Kernow but it looks like party politics will take precedence with them as usual. If Labour monopolise the anti-cuts movement it will simply become the victim of party politics. It should not be forgotten that Labour brought in fees in the first place so their sudden conversion to champions of the anti-fees movement seems somewhat hollow.

MK polices: Increase support for students. We are opposed to tuition and top-up fees, as introduced by Labour, support a return to grants for first degree courses and would reinstate the right of students to claim benefits such as housing benefit.

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