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Yet more Tory Cornish talk!

In an effort to calm the storm over Devonwall and moreover to smooth over the -Tamar is not the Amazon- gaff David Cameron has been waving his St Pirans.

In -Cameron on Cornwall, cuts and the coalition- we are treated to the following from the PM: "I think Cornish national identity is very powerful – people feel a great affinity with Cornwall. We're going to devolve a lot of power to Cornwall – that will go to the Cornish unitary authority. That's right, but I don't think it's impossible for a Member of Parliament to represent a part of Cornwall and a part of West Devon. I don't think it's impossible."

Cornish national identity? Cornish devolution? Not bad, but haven't we been here before? Lets put this in the perspective of other promises emanating from the LibLabCons.

Before coming to power in the 90's New labour promised devolution to any 'region' that showed an interest. Shortly after that Cornwall produced a petition of 50,000 signatures calling for a Cornish Assembly. Labour promptly chucked the petition in the bin and refused to explain why.

Before the last general election David Cameron himself promised a Minster for Cornwall! After the election this gets shelved and in fact we get Devonwall instead.

"You know I promised to help you out? Well, instead I'm going to kick you in the knackers"

Leading up to the decisive vote on Devonwall in the House of Commons our Lib Dem MP's promised to fight to the bitter end. Our newly elected Stephen Gilbert even went as far as to state: "My job is to vote against the government to keep Cornwall intact". Along with his ConDem colleagues Gilbert then voted FOR the Devonwall Bill with the exception of Andrew George who voted for and against.

London's politicians do seem to talk with forked tongues.

No matter what they promise it is vital we do not let up the pressure to keep Cornwall whole! Letters and e-mails are needed more than ever before. For details please visit the Keep Cornwall Whole website. Equally we need to be thinking of the next stages in the fight if democracy fails us in the Houses of Parliament.

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anarchotoads said...

It seems a bit naive to trust any government, seeing as how all government focuses on its most lucrative elements at the expense of the people it purportedly represents. Thus, London and London alone means 'the UK' to the bloated scum in Westminster.
Cornish identity, as you mentioned in a previous post, shouldn't be subject to a political system, identities are anarchic by nature, and entrusting the protection of it to a government minister is signing a death warrant.