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Write to the ConDems

Following my previous blog post on our two-faced ConDem MP's I think it's time for some answers don't you?

Please write to our Cornish MP's and ask them why they voted for the Bill that will create a Devonwall parliamentary constituency. You can contact them here using the Write To Them website. Equally you could write to your Lib Dem MP and ask for an explanation on the tuition fees U-turn.

Equally, party to some disinformation released by Lib Dem Adam Killeya under the pretence of Keep Cornwall Whole I'd just like to set the record straight. In an e-mail sent out by Adam he writes that:

"Cornwall was discussed, and the issue provoked the greatest number of MPs voting against the Government since the election, including all six Cornish MPs, but was defeated 315-257"

Not quite true Adam. Perhaps you are letting your loyalty to the Lib Dems get in the way of the facts. In reality 95% of Con Dem MP's voted AGAINST the pro-Cornwall amendments even if our six Cornish MP's voted for them. When these amendments were rejected by the House of Commons our 6 MP's voted FOR the Bill that, if it becomes law, will create a Devonwall parliamentary constituency. Simply ignoring these facts and carrying on as if nothing's happened will undermine the KCW campaign. People will come to see KCW as nothing more than a public image damage limitation exercise on behalf of some highly compromised Cornish Con Dem MP's.

Anyway I'm not going to let two faced politicking get in the way of a vitally important campaign. Keep Cornwall Whole is now asking us to write to the Lords. If you want to do this via e-mail you can do so by clicking on their names here: Lord Strathcylde, Lord McNally and Lord Wallace. Write to them and keep writing to any one else you think will listen.

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