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Love to hate

After a blatant attempt by a new member of the Cornwall 24 forum to use the actions of 30 Islamist extremists -Muslims Against Crusades (MAC)- in order to whip up hatred against Kernow's placid Muslim community I thought it apt to share the following from Hope Not Hate.

Plague on both their houses!

I particularly like the way in which the author makes it quite clear that both groups of nut jobs need each other to exist and feed off each other. I can almost see them all at knocking off time taking of their apparel of English fascism and Islamic fundamentalism and going for a curry together.

I've hesitated in the past in giving too much support to campaigns like Hope Not Hate as more often than not they seem dominated by the British state-nationalist left (Unions, Labour etc) and therefore viscerally hostile to the recognition and empowerment of the UK's stateless nations. I hope one day they prove me totally wrong. What are Plaids and the SNP's relations like with such organisations? Does the Celtic League have any ties with them?

Anyway a good campaign can't be knocked. All power to its organisers.

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Hadyn Thomas said...

I found the video about Cornwall very interesting. Most of it I did not know. I am not sure if this will be of any interest to you but because your video mentioned Wales straight off it reminded me of something.

The small village my father comes from in Pembrokeshire was apparently founded by the son of an exiled Cornish prince. The village is called St Ishmael's. If you ever decide to visit you will see the many Cornish names.

It is because of this history my father's family told me that I have always viewed Cornwall as a separate kingdom - princes do not come from counties. We often joke that I could be descended from Cornish royalty ;-)