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Cornwall ConDem(n)ed?

All except one of our ConDem MP's voted for Devonwall.

It's true that our six ConDem MP's proposed and voted for amendments that would have protected Cornwall's territorial integrity. However when the amendments were rejected  by the House of Commons -some might say a forgone conclusion- our fearless MP's still voted for the Parliamentary Voting and Constituencies Bill. The Bill that will result in the creation of a Devonwall parliamentary constituency if it should become law. It must also be noted that the vast majority of Lib Dems and Tories voted against the pro-Cornwall amendments and for the Devonwall Bill.

Lets put this in some context.

Before the election the Tories promised Cornwall a minister and appointed Mark Prisk Shadow Minister for Cornwall. Not only have they totally reneged on this promise but they've driven the dagger deeper and undermined Cornwall's thousand year old border with England. The icing on the cake being that Mark Prisk joyfully voted for Devonwall and against the pro-Cornwall amendments.

Both our Tory and Lib Dem MP's have outdone themselves in Cornish patriotism: "This is Cornwall that is England!" "Cornwall is a Duchy" "Cornwall a fifth nation" etc etc etc. The level of lipstick Cornish nationalism has been unprecedented in the Duchy recently. Nonetheless, one by one, they voted for Devonwall. Following the party whip, their mapped out party career plans and/or their desire for AV keeping Cornwall whole lost out.

Considering the Cornish Lib Dems long-standing professed pro-Cornishness we can only marvel at the level of hypocrisy and cynicism they've shown in voting for Devonwall and against everything they've claimed to stand for in the Keep Cornwall Whole campaign. Saying one thing -loud and proud- but then voting in the opposite direction, I'm not the only one that sees this as yet another blow to voter confidence in politics and politicians.

Still, making spectacular U-turns on electoral promises seems to be a Lib Dem speciality of late.

The irony of ironies being that this voting and constituencies reform is about restoring public confidence in politics and politicians. Sadly as a convinced supporter of electoral reform I can see nothing more than a shallow attempt by the ConDems to boost the credibility of the political establishment by offering the non-choice of AV or FPTP dressed up as deep and empowering electoral reform.

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