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Cornish Democrats and Nationalists speak out.

The Cornish Democrats and Cornish National Party have spoken on Keep Cornwall Whole.

I'm glad to see that Jonathan Rogers - Party Leader of the Cornish Democrats has added his voice to the KCW campaign. The front page of their website also carrying campaign links.

Rogers writes the following on the KCW site: The proposal for a Devonwall constituency is utterly flawed. The people of Cornwall do not want it and, for that matter, neither do our good neighbours across the border in Devon. We must be absolutely firm in our rejection of this proposal and continue to campaign to that end.

A certain John Le Bretton of the much more illusive Cornish Nationalist Party writes: Chairman John Le Bretton of the CNP Regional association supports the campaign to keep Cornwall Whole. We support the keep Cornwall whole campaign and every one up in the East, and are totally against any changes. Everyone who believes in Cornwall should come together and stand united against change.

Who are the CNP? No website and only very infrequent letters to the press. They seem most notable for making and breaking promises at election time.

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