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Support from the Federal Union

Keep Cornwall whole! from the Federal Union.

Cornish nationalist might be the best one-size-fits-all description of a large slice of my politics. If you need to label me then I won't protest too much at this particular tag. However, contrary to many of the claims made by disingenuous politicians about Cornish nationalists being isolationists, internationalism and federalism are also high on my agenda.

Sovereignty should rest with the people and the national character of the Cornish should be fully recognised. We have every right to surpass our current county condition but such ambition in no way requires isolation.

A sovereign Cornwall? Yes, but within a federal network of other such nations and regions across Europe (and why not beyond) working together in peaceful cooperation.


UNITED campaign for International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism

Around 9 November traditionally antifascist and antiracist organisations throughout Europe commemorate the victims of the 'Kristallnacht' pogrom and Nazi Germany's fatal policy of mass murder.

UNITED is launching a European-wide campaign for this International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism to commemorate the past and to protest against contemporary forms of fascism and anti-Semitism. They are asking organisations to inform them about planned activities to help them create a platform to facilitate more effective networking and support among active groups, and are offering free campaign material. Read more.


Keep Cornwall Whole!

Now that one potential threat to Cornwall's territorial integrity has been seen off -Overwhelming support for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LEP- time to focus all attention on the remaining menace.

The Lib Con administration fully intends to reduce and regularise the number of parliamentary constituencies within the UK. Whilst the historic frontiers of Scotland and Wales will be respected Cornwall's is under serious threat with a proposed part Cornwall part Devonshire constituency on the cards.

If we want to maintain and strengthen Cornwall's case for greater self-government this must be resisted at all costs. The only region for Cornwall is Cornwall the Tamar being one of the oldest borders in Europe. The creation of a Devonwall constituency will only strengthen the case for a Devonwall or Plymouth city region. As in the past when ever Cornwall is coupled with Devonshire or the wider South West our voice is drowned out and our specific needs ignored. It is only after the statistical separation of Cornwall and Devon that Kernow qualified for Objective One funding from the European Union.

Today I received the following invitation which people should feel free to circulate:

I am sure you will have heard of the proposals to establish at least one cross-border parliamentary constituency linking Cornwall and Devonshire, and the concerns these have engendered. The proposals are embodied in the Parliamentary Voting and Consituencies Bill which is due to have its second reading on 6 September.

A Keep Cornwall Whole campaign has been initated to oppose the proposals, and this will be holding an open meeting in the Grenville Room, New County Hall Truro, on 31 August commencing at 19-00. This is a most important issue for those who value the integrity of Cornwall and care for her unique status.

Letters to Nick Clegg and to Cornish MPs will do no harm!

Equally a dedicated website is up and running with more arguments for why we should - Keep Cornwall WholeIf you do anything for Kernow join this campaign!

Labour PPC Jude Robinson has also created the following petition: No to the Devonwall boundary change


No to Devonwall! No to Double Talk!

Congratulations to Labour PPC Jude Robinson for:

1) supporting the territorial integrity of Cornwall by opposing the creation of a Cornwall and Devonshire parliamentary constituency.

2) providing an excellent example of Labour Party validated double speak.

In all seriousness, I hope all those who care about Kernow can pull in the same direction to prevent our little country from being homogenised out of existence into some artificial Devonwall, South West or West country region.

I couldn't let the following slide though.

Jude writes:

"I am not an isolationist or a nationalist when it comes to Cornwall"

Jude, by 'nationalists' I assume you are referring to Mebyon Kernow and their supporters? You are aware aren't you that MK only want for Cornwall what Labour gave to Wales? Perhaps you could take a look at MK's policies and tell me which ones are isolationist. Were New Labour guilty of isolationism when it came to Scotland, Wales and the Six Counties? After all, your party was responsible for devolution to the two and a bit nations mentioned. Sorry Jude but you're really going to have to clarify this one for me.

"I support working with other counties across the region in partnership and I believe we are stronger for it"

How exactly would a Cornish Assembly prevent us from having good working relations with Devonshire or any other English county for that matter? If anything devolution to Wales has freed the Welsh to work much more effectively with their immediate neighbours within the UK and wider Europe. Keeping Cornwall sealed within the English county box, powerless and dependent on London, prevents us from real internationalist cooperation with our neighbours be they in England, Wales, Brittany or further afield? Devolution to Scotland and Wales has given back to these two nations their own voice and allowed them to open up to the world.

But wait! Wasn't it New labour who promoted devolution (in Jude speak: 'isolationism') to various English regions including the South West? Seems 'isolationism' is only acceptable to Jude when it's her friends who can dictate the size and shape of the region.

Then let us not forget New Labours fairly pathetic attempts at European integration. So much for working with your neighbours, cooperation and internationalism.

"But this is an historic county – some say a region"

But what do you say Jude? Have you studied all the evidence concerning Cornwall's constitutional status as a Duchy? Don't you have a republican side that is just itching for some light to be shed on this feudal institution or are you happy for the people you want to serve to be kept in the dark?

Anyway, lets just say I'm not going to hold by breath waiting for politicians to stop using empty spin, misrepresentations and lies (i.e treating the public like shmucks) whilst clamouring for power.


Mike's BBC protest