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Campaign Kernow

Mentioned in a recent post Campaign Kernow -taking Cornwall to the Commonwealth Games- is up and running and looking for our support.

The website for the campaign can be found here.

Campaign Kernow is looking for our time and money. Currently they are asking for pledges of money (not actual donations) for a proposed court action.

Even if it is administered as a county of England, Cornwall's constitutional position is much closer to that of Jersey, Guernsey or the Ilse of Man, all of which can present teams at the Commonwealth Games. So why not Cornwall? More importantly, why is Cornwall's actual constitutional position not recognised and respected by the UK government and current Duchy authority?

Any action which risks to fully disclose the Duchy of Cornwall's legal status must be worth our support. The resultant rights and powers the full recognition and enforcement of our constitutional status would provide the residents of Cornwall with would be considerable.

Pledge and then get your friends to pledge.

A BBC article on the campaign can be found here.

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