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Cornish Resistance Needed!

The Cornish blogosphere is buzzing with the news that the Duchy of Cornwall's territorial integrity is yet again under threat.

The LibCon administration plans to reduce the number of MP's and also equalise the population of each constituency in the UK. For Kernow this will mean its number of MP's will be reduced from six to five, one of which being shared with part of Devonshire.

And what of our -oh so!- Cornish Lib Dem MP's who, as Nick Clegg put it, "sort of have Cornwall in their blood"? Well I guess what he meant to say was Cornwall and part of Devonshire in their blood. My prediction? MP's George, Rogerson and Gilbert will make a few disgruntled noises here and there then roll over and settle back into climbing up the Lib Dem career ladder.

Cornwall's border with England is one of the oldest political frontiers in Europe having been set over a thousand years ago. Cornwall was never simply conquered but became something like a client state, or protectorate, of the Kingdom of Wessex (to become England). This Time line of Cornish History from the council is actually quite good and goes into greater detail on the points above.

For example: 936: Athelstan's settlement fixes the east bank of the Tamar as the boundary between Anglo-Saxon Wessex and Celtic Cornwall.

As you scan through the rest of the time line you will soon see that no final annexation of Cornwall to England ever occurred. The Tamar is our frontier with England not just Devonshire.

The territory of Cornwall is integral to the Cornish identity. Any attack on the territorial unity of Kernow is an assault on the Cornish identity itself.

Now more than ever do we need Cornish unity to resit, by whatever means are required, this assimilation of Kernow into an artificial Devonwall region.

Already the Celtic League is organising (see below). Lets hope this is the beginning of much much more.

From the League:

Please write to your MP and spread this message. The insidious Coalition whose Lib Dem element promised us a Cornish Assembly have told lies and need to be challenged now ! One and All before we see Devonwall arise !


Dear George Eustice,

I write to strongly object to any cross border constituencies and firmly believe that all Cornwall's MP's should represent Cornwall only and not Devon.

News item here:


This is being opposed on Facebook and as a Campaigner I am personally committed to organising protests to block the Tamar Bridge with others should this issue be progressed.

Please do not underestimate our resolve and determination in this issue and I shall have the support of many Cornish people who will rally to this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Michael J Chappell

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