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Cornish Constitutional Convention -10th Anniversary- But no MK!

Convention has moved national discussion forward on devolution

Unitary paves the way on road to making Cornwall - 'one and all'

MPs to join big debate on the county's future

Just to point out that the debate described in the last article is open to all so please do go along if you are interested in bring power back to the residents of Cornwall. Equally you can join the debate on the Cornwall 24 forum.

The -must read- response from Dick Cole of Mebyon Kernow can be found on his blog.

Why have MK not been invited to speak at the debate when so many of its members have given so much to campaiging for a Cornish assembly over the years?

Well blow me if London based parties, and their membership in Kernow, don't recuperate the ideas and hard work of MK yet again. The rule seems to be that careerist politicians in Cornwall are more than happy for MK to exist in order to fight Cornwall's corner, but heaven forbid that they should risk career advancement in such a party. They'll leave that to others with more integrity and less of a penchant for expenses I guess.

Why does Cllr Bert Biscoe feel the need, yet again, to suggest that Cornish nationalists, and hence MK, are not inclusive or serious about improving the lives of all the Duchies residents? Come on Cllr Biscoe! This is the kind of double talk we expect from the spin doctors of the London LibLabCons, not an 'independent'.

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