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Thought for the day.

Confronted yet again by the accusation that Cornish nationalism is isolationist and looks to create division -this time on Twitter in debate with a young Lib Dem- I've chewed over the idea and come up with the following.

The Cornish movement is not (should not!) be about trying to isolate Cornwall in order to protect Cornish culture from some, perceived as such, nefarious influences from outside the Duchy.

Our objective must be to cherish our culture so that it may be offered to the world as the most precious gift we can give. Let's nurture what we have so that it can join the incredible and valuable diversity that exists in the human world.

Equally campaigning for greater Cornish home-rule is not about trying to cut Kernow off from the rest of the UK and Europe so that it may exist in some imagined Celtic autarky.

The aim is rather to bring as much decision making power as possible back to the Duchy and put it in the hands of its residents. Perhaps the Cornish empowerment movement would be a better description of what we are trying to do.

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