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Rock e Breizh

Not really politics but who cares?

If you want a starting point to investigate Breton Rock, past and present, then look no further than the new disc Rock e Breizh.

From the classics of Breton rock n'roll to contemporary stuff the CD is avaliable from Coop Breizh.

Artists included are: Georges Jouin, Storlok, Brieg Guerveno Groupe, EV, Dom duff, Daonet, Gimol Dru band, Tri bleiz die, Plantec, Bernez Tangi, Kristen Nikolas club hoggard, Fiskal Bazar, Lik ha lik, Melmor, les Ramoneurs de menhirs, Trouz an noz, Anken, Nolwenn Korbell, Gweltaz Adeux, Denez Abernot

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