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My Football Post

Okay! So Kernow is awash with the St George Cross due to the current World Cup.

Otherwise proud granite jawed sons and daughters of the sea foam are wandering around town wearing the football top of our next door nation.

Good sports all of them no doubt. They've no time for the Cornish nationalist killjoys who won't support England. Those that don't simply see themselves as English probably just want to be part of the carnival for the next few weeks and enjoy the ride. Fair play as they say.

Personally I can't bring myself to support England for a mixture of reasons. Firstly because I'm one of those Cornish nationalist killjoys who just has too much self-respect, but also for many of the reasons outlined here.

An interesting question to ask though would be: what level of support would a Cornish football squad, or Cornish team in any other international sporting event, generate?

It's not such a silly question. Our sister Celtic nation, Brittany, has its own football squad -Skipailh Mell Droad Breizh- which has just played in a four way tournament with Corsica, Togo and Gabon. This website about non FIFA football certainly considers Cornwall as fit to have its own national squad.

I've blogged before on the various football tournaments for stateless nations and regions that exist, and would welcome a Cornish team, but its going to take more than words on an ignored blog to get such a venture up and running.

Our own Cornish stadium in the Duchy might not be a bad start. Equally a Cornish sports campaign group would be needed to keep things rolling. Something like the Commonwealth Games campaign but with a wider focus and less dependent on the inspiration of one man (no offence GH).

Anybody wishing to follow the fortunes of nations playing outside of FIFA should drop by the excellent blog: Outcasts! The lands that FIFA forgot.

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