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The Cornish Celtic League on a roll

Following discussions, technical training, sound tests and an examination of proposed content and schedules, the prospect of a Celtic League voice on the radio draws ever closer.

Tony Leamon, Mike Chappell, Chris Webber and others from the Celtic League in Cornwall have met up with Matthew Rogers, station manager of Source FM whose studios are situated in the campus of the Combined Universities of Cornwall at Tremough near Penryn.

Source FM is a new community radio station and already has a listenership of in excess of 6,000 together with an untold number who listen on line.

Mike Chappell conducted a mock radio show and was described as a ‘natural’ by Matthew and Tony soon mastered the equipment.

Tony remarked, 'Mike has the ability to chat and interview and I have the knowledge to work the equipment. We shall all try our very best to make this programme reflect the true Cornwall which is too often brushed under the mat along with news from the other Celtic Nations. I know Mike intends to invite as many guests as possible to take part in the programmes.'

Provisionally, “One and All” will be aired on Monday mornings for an hour slot sometime between 9am and 11am but Matthew has also offered extended times on Tuesday afternoons and is likely to 'go live' later this year.

A further meeting is planned Tuesday 6th July when a full hour long practise programme now in preparation will be trialled.

The “One and All” programme will seek to air real Cornish music, the studios being fully licensed to play music, Cornish history, language, dialect, place names, literature and poetry, give airtime to Cornish politicians and campaigners, Celtic news as well as probably progressing to a Cornish phone in.

Mike Chappell said, ‘As part of the League’s Operation Phoenix which will involve a protest outside the BBC later this year, we have also been pleased to liaise with Matthew at Source FM, an up and coming radio station to really project Cornish and Celtic issues in our Country.

Matthew has been extremely kind and I intend to throw this resource open to “One and All” in the Cornish movement. We shall be able to air things that the other stations refuse to touch such as Cornwall's constitution and so on. Matthew has even kindly offered me recording equipment so we shall be able to go out and record live events.'

Matthew remarked, ‘I am excited by the plans I have seen outlined and am sure that this venture will prove a great success. There are many excellent ideas in the proposals I have seen.’ Source FM can be heard on 96.1FM and online at - http://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/

Tony Leamon

Cornish Branch of the Celtic League

JPG - Tony Leamon, Chris Webber and Matthew Rogers at Source FM Studios

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