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I'm a Cornish nationalist and so is my wife.

Rumour has it that a short while ago now when one of our current Lib Dem MP's met an Irish Republican in Westminster he introduced himself as a Cornish nationalist.

No doubt, at the time, a relatively easy position for a Lib Dem to take consigned to exist in what seemed like an eternal opposition. Our Cornish Lib Dem MP's must now be feeling the weight of all those pro-Cornish words so easily spoken whilst in opposition.

I'm not the only one to have noticed how adept the Cornish Lib Dems are at picking up on Cornish nationalist issues and waving their St Pirans flags in front of the media, some would say, to soak up more votes. Now, however, they are in government and actions must surely speak louder than words.

What will the fate be of Dan Rogersons Cornish Assembly Bill? Will Andrew George be continuing his investigations into the Duchy of Cornwall? Will all three Cornish Lib Dem MP's be pushing for recognition of the Cornish under the Council of Europe's framework convention for the protection of national minorities, a dedicated Cornish Tick box on the 2011 UK census and generally greater Cornish home-rule?

And what of all the Tory Cornish talk before and leading up to the election? We are sill waiting for our Minsiter of Cornwall to be appointed as highlited by this Cornwall 24 forum thread. Cynical, I know, but I won't be holding me breath.

The Cornish Zetetics blog makes a fairly comprehensive list of five Cornish tests for the new 'politics' of the new Con Dem coalition government. Attention will be focused on what out Liberal -'Cornish nationalist'-Democrat MP's do and achieve. Will they obtain a just deal for Kernow or will they be sidelined and ignored by the coalition government and, what's more, their own Liberal Democrat party itself?

The excellent new Madder do ee blog comments on the Cornish Lib Dem MP's "Programme for Cornwall" and adds:

It's all well and good, but is this really likely to become a party-wide programme, even a coalition-wide programme? Or is it more likely to just remain a wishlist of three MPs? George, Rogerson and Gilbert don't have the ability to achieve any of it by themselves.

We still need to see a party-wide or coalition-wide policy for Cornwall, but it will be interesting to see what levels of support this programme gets from fellow Lib Dems and Tory coalition partners.

The OurKingdom blog outlines some elements from the Con Dem coalition agreement of potential interest to Cornish democrats including the expansion of the Freedom of Information Act (will the Duchy of Cornwall finally have to answer some reasonable questions?) and the radical devolution of powers to local authorities. Can we also expect the much promised 'bonfire of the quangos'?

The stakes are high for our Cornish Lib Dems. If totally ignored by their government and their own party what will they do unless it's just to unfurl the St Pirans flag from time to time and wave it in front of people they assume to be gullible enough.

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