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The bitter pill and who to oppose it?

The financial crisis, so eloquently described by the Village Idiot as "the bonfire of the banks and the greed of the financiers", has pushed the Tories to announce £6 Billion worth of cuts. The 'Idiot' calculates that £28 million will come out of the Cornish economy.

Call in the arsonist to put out this fire.

The worst financial crisis in decades due to the neo-liberal policies of right-wing governments -Thatcher, Regan, Bush 1 and 2, Blair etc- and who does the UK electorate see fit to call in to fix it? Conservatives and Liberals. It must be said for want of a viable alternative to vote for I suppose.

That is democracy and I reiterate the lack of a viable alternative, but what of Kernow? Who do we have to watch over the Tory/Independent administration and scrutinise the activities of the Cornish government?

Ask the criminals to police themselves.

Of course and luckily we have the Cornish Liberal Democrat group on the council in 'constructive opposition'. But wait! Aren't the Lib Dems in a coalition government in Westminster with the Tories? Doesn't this mean that the Liberal democrats are in opposition to themselves somewhere?

No matter, I'm sure we can trust our Cornish Lib Dems to put all thoughts of political career aside and provide a totally independent opposition in Cornwall to their Tory  partners in Westminster and, moreover, their very own party leadership. After all haven't politicians recently proven themselves to be 110% reliable when it comes to self control. We should be used to our nice Cornish Liberal Democrat MP's telling us they opposed this and that (eg Unitary Authority) whilst their fellow party members supported it? In fact if the Lib Dems can be in opposition to themselves why do we need all these different political parties at all? Why not simply have one party that agrees and disagrees with itself as and when appropriate?

Just to recap then. To solve the worst financial crisis in decades we've called in the Tories i.e the direct descendants of the people responsible for it. What's more we've ensured that, in Cornwall, the opposition to the Tories are in coalition with the them...

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