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Redadeg 2010 : Cornwall supports the Breton language

Ar Redadeg is a charity run which circumnavigates the territory of Brittany to raise money for the language. Similar events can be found in Ireland, the Basque Country and Galicia. Why not Cornwall?

At the moment the video above doesn't seem to be working so the permalink can be found here.

Redadeg 2010 : Cornwall supports the Breton language

Ar Redadeg is a charity run which circumnavigates the territory of Brittany to raise money for the language. Similar events can be found in Ireland, the Basque Country and Galicia. Why not Cornwall?

At the moment the video above doesn't seem to be working so the permalink can be found here.


EU Commissioner shares concerns about treatment of Roma / Travellers

The EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Lazlo Andor, has said the EU Commission shares the concerns of the Celtic League about the ongoing discrimination against the Roma/Traveller communities.

The League wrote in March to express its growing concern following a spate of news reports in the UK press which outlined difficulties encountered by the group (see link).

The Celtic League has forwarded the additional detail requested by the Commissioner in his response (text below):

"Dear Mr Moffatt,

Mr Andor has asked me to thank you for your letter of 31 March 2010 concerning the social inclusion of the Roma and the Irish Traveller community in the United Kingdom.

The Commission shares your concerns about the situation of the Traveller community and the problems they face in relation to the provision of adequate stopping sites. Unfortunately, we have not been able to access the Internet links you provided in your letter — I would be grateful if you could send us either the working links or copies of the reports by email (EMPL-04-UNITE@ec. europa. eu).

The EU and the Member States have launched a series of initiatives to improve the social inclusion of travellers and Roma, including in such areas as education, employment, housing and public health.

Last year, the Commission launched a Europe-wide platform for Roma inclusion, which brings together representatives from the Member States, European civil society and international organisations. The aim is to enable them to share knowledge and experiences so as to build synergies and support the inclusion of Travellers and Roma in Europe.

The first concrete outcome of this process was the development of 10 Common Basic Principles for Roma inclusion1. In June 2009, the EU Council of Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs invited Member States to take these principles into account when developing, implementing and evaluating policies concerning the Roma. These Principles provide concrete guidance to Member States on how to implement their policies for Roma inclusion.

The last EU Roma Summit, which took place in Cordoba on 8-9 April, renewed the commitment of the EU and the Member States to improving the social inclusion of Roma. I would like to highlight that the representative of the Belgian delegation took this opportunity to announce the intention of the forthcoming Belgian Presidency of the EU Council to include the issue of stopping sites for travellers as one of the main priorities.

As you will appreciate, bringing about real progress is a continuous and evolving process.

Nevertheless, I can assure you that the relevant Commission services will continue to work closely with all key stakeholders, including those in the UK, to ensure that tangible results are achieved.

Yours sincerely

Gabriella KOVACS"

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


The Celtic League has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It works to promote cooperation between these countries and campaigns on a broad range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, monitors all military activity and focuses on
socio-economic issues.

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Internet site at:

The Celtic League
The Celtic League News Group

The bitter pill and who to oppose it?

The financial crisis, so eloquently described by the Village Idiot as "the bonfire of the banks and the greed of the financiers", has pushed the Tories to announce £6 Billion worth of cuts. The 'Idiot' calculates that £28 million will come out of the Cornish economy.

Call in the arsonist to put out this fire.

The worst financial crisis in decades due to the neo-liberal policies of right-wing governments -Thatcher, Regan, Bush 1 and 2, Blair etc- and who does the UK electorate see fit to call in to fix it? Conservatives and Liberals. It must be said for want of a viable alternative to vote for I suppose.

That is democracy and I reiterate the lack of a viable alternative, but what of Kernow? Who do we have to watch over the Tory/Independent administration and scrutinise the activities of the Cornish government?

Ask the criminals to police themselves.

Of course and luckily we have the Cornish Liberal Democrat group on the council in 'constructive opposition'. But wait! Aren't the Lib Dems in a coalition government in Westminster with the Tories? Doesn't this mean that the Liberal democrats are in opposition to themselves somewhere?

No matter, I'm sure we can trust our Cornish Lib Dems to put all thoughts of political career aside and provide a totally independent opposition in Cornwall to their Tory  partners in Westminster and, moreover, their very own party leadership. After all haven't politicians recently proven themselves to be 110% reliable when it comes to self control. We should be used to our nice Cornish Liberal Democrat MP's telling us they opposed this and that (eg Unitary Authority) whilst their fellow party members supported it? In fact if the Lib Dems can be in opposition to themselves why do we need all these different political parties at all? Why not simply have one party that agrees and disagrees with itself as and when appropriate?

Just to recap then. To solve the worst financial crisis in decades we've called in the Tories i.e the direct descendants of the people responsible for it. What's more we've ensured that, in Cornwall, the opposition to the Tories are in coalition with the them...


I'm a Cornish nationalist and so is my wife.

Rumour has it that a short while ago now when one of our current Lib Dem MP's met an Irish Republican in Westminster he introduced himself as a Cornish nationalist.

No doubt, at the time, a relatively easy position for a Lib Dem to take consigned to exist in what seemed like an eternal opposition. Our Cornish Lib Dem MP's must now be feeling the weight of all those pro-Cornish words so easily spoken whilst in opposition.

I'm not the only one to have noticed how adept the Cornish Lib Dems are at picking up on Cornish nationalist issues and waving their St Pirans flags in front of the media, some would say, to soak up more votes. Now, however, they are in government and actions must surely speak louder than words.

What will the fate be of Dan Rogersons Cornish Assembly Bill? Will Andrew George be continuing his investigations into the Duchy of Cornwall? Will all three Cornish Lib Dem MP's be pushing for recognition of the Cornish under the Council of Europe's framework convention for the protection of national minorities, a dedicated Cornish Tick box on the 2011 UK census and generally greater Cornish home-rule?

And what of all the Tory Cornish talk before and leading up to the election? We are sill waiting for our Minsiter of Cornwall to be appointed as highlited by this Cornwall 24 forum thread. Cynical, I know, but I won't be holding me breath.

The Cornish Zetetics blog makes a fairly comprehensive list of five Cornish tests for the new 'politics' of the new Con Dem coalition government. Attention will be focused on what out Liberal -'Cornish nationalist'-Democrat MP's do and achieve. Will they obtain a just deal for Kernow or will they be sidelined and ignored by the coalition government and, what's more, their own Liberal Democrat party itself?

The excellent new Madder do ee blog comments on the Cornish Lib Dem MP's "Programme for Cornwall" and adds:

It's all well and good, but is this really likely to become a party-wide programme, even a coalition-wide programme? Or is it more likely to just remain a wishlist of three MPs? George, Rogerson and Gilbert don't have the ability to achieve any of it by themselves.

We still need to see a party-wide or coalition-wide policy for Cornwall, but it will be interesting to see what levels of support this programme gets from fellow Lib Dems and Tory coalition partners.

The OurKingdom blog outlines some elements from the Con Dem coalition agreement of potential interest to Cornish democrats including the expansion of the Freedom of Information Act (will the Duchy of Cornwall finally have to answer some reasonable questions?) and the radical devolution of powers to local authorities. Can we also expect the much promised 'bonfire of the quangos'?

The stakes are high for our Cornish Lib Dems. If totally ignored by their government and their own party what will they do unless it's just to unfurl the St Pirans flag from time to time and wave it in front of people they assume to be gullible enough.


Pro-Cornish parties / an update

The Cornish Liberal Party / Bagas Larch Kernewek

Nothing to do with the Liberal Democrats, this self described "non socialist 'left of centre' radical political party" gives full recognition to a Cornish nation and is happy to describe Kernow as a Duchy separate from England. They support devolution to the various countries that make up the UK including Cornwall.

They say:

Cornwall is under threat from Big Brother Labour governments, and ignored by Conservative ones. The EU for example, wants to encourage minority nations, languages, and cultures like Cornwall. London governments are eroding Cornish rights and freedoms. Lately they denied us the right to fly our ancient National flag on a par with England.

All the more surprising when you consider they advised people to vote UKIP in the May 2010 general election.

The Cornish Democrats

Essentially they seem to be selling a type of conservative Christian British nationalism with a Cornish twist.

Although they avoid describing Kernow as a nation they do support various Cornish cultural and identity campaigns such as the Cornish census tick box, an expanded use of the Cornish language and a St Pirans day holiday.

They say:

We maintain that the Cornish people should be recognised for their unique identity amongst the peoples of Britain and that Cornwall should therefore be accorded a special status within Great Britain.

Unfortunate of them then to acknowledge Queen Elizabeth II as 'our' Sovereign as well as make other comments about 'English' liberty and common law when you consider we already have a Duke as an unwilling sovereign and plenty of our own Cornish law.


Vote No To The BNP

More on the story below from the -Vote No to the BNP- blog: BNP Supporter Sends Hate Mail To Cornish Candidate.

Send The British National Party Back Where They Belong in 2010!