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You can choose your friends : Veritas, EDP and English Fascists rubbing shoulders before the election?

Veritas, as part of the Alliance for Democracy (English Democrats, Jury Team, Veritas, Christian Party), will be standing in the Truro and Falmouth constituency for this years general election.

Their PPC is a certain Catherine Cracknell.

One Kernow would like to ask C. Cracknell if she is aware that, previous to this round of elections, one of Veritas' partner parties, the English Democrats, had formed an alliance with the white nationalist and neo-Nazi England First Party. This alliance is explored here -English nationalism vs British nationalism- on the Open Democracy website.

One Kernow would like to know C. Cracknell's opinion on this EDP / EFP pact and her views on the politics of the EFP.

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