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Undeb - The Welsh Trade Union Movement

As a follow up to a previous blog post on Trade Unions for Stateless Nations, I've received the following information on the Welsh Undeb.

Many thanks for your e-mail. Undeb is still very much alive and kicking although our web site is currently offline. However, we do have an active blogsite: http://undebcymru.blogspot.com/

The trade union movement in Wales is it has to be said, not exactly awake to devolution. The teaching unions are an exception but the main Labour affiliated unions show very little interest in the language and at a UK level, very little interest in Wales. TUC Cymru is little more than a London offshoot, which does not help the situation.

Please keep in touch,

pob hwyl

Also to repeat a previous question; is there room for a Cornish Trade Union Movement even if it's simply a branch of Undeb to start?

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