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Negative Nick Clegg

Following the glowing endorsement of Dick Coles candidature by Tim Jones, former LibDem leader on Restormel Borough Council, the expected response can be seen here on the BBC's lack luster Cornish blog: Nick Clegg responds to "Lib Dem backs MK" rumpus.

Nice to see Nick Clegg's obvious respect for the judgement of the thousands of people who have given (will give) their vote to Mebyon Kernow. The summary of Cleggs cheap put down is that: 1) MK can never hope to win (against a massive dinosaur party from London like his with all its funds and double dealing propaganda); and 2) Even if they did they'd be sidelined in Westminster. Sidelined? What like such high-profile independents as Martin Bell have been? One wonders equally if an MK MP would be sidelined if fully welcomed into the Plaid / SNP Celtic Alliance?

Yes the LibDems, reeling under the blows from the expenses scandal as they are, have been known to say similar things about the SNP and Plaid in the past haven't they. And, hey ho, look in fact it is Plaid and the SNP who have truly lead the demand for change in their respective countries, and what's more, obtained it.

In reality it is the LibDems who, on a UK scale, are a total irrelevance. Having LibDem MP's has simply meant that the Labour Gov has sidelined them and Kernow along with them. A Tory government would undoubtedly do the same.

The LibDems are only too happy to wave their St Pirans flags in the Duchy and then quietly relax in their publicly funded flats in London sitting in publicly funded rocking chairs towing the London party line. The co-opting of the pro-Cornish voice by the LibDems has prevented a true alternative to the London parties from blossoming in Kernow. It's time for this to change.

A Mebyon Kernow MP would be a minor electro shock to the British political system and put Kernow back on the map in way it hasn't been for quite some time. So the choice is yours: 1) An irrelevant third rate and corrupt UK party; or 2) A young and vital Cornish party that will draw part of the worlds attention back to our little land.

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