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A LibDem take-down or reasons to vote for Mebyon Kernow

I'd like to address just a couple of Devonwall LibDem reasons not to vote Mebyon Kernow.

1) The LibDems would bring in proportional representation that would help MK get seats, otherwise they don't stand a chance.

Well we only have LibDem promises that they would make the electoral system proportional. Generally when one one of the big three comes to power certain electoral reform policies that mean they'd have to share power are conveniently forgotten.

My response however comes from a different angle. I'm not so naive to think all the Cornish flag waving and Cornish patriotism that comes from the LibDem camp is genuine. It's clear that the LibDems (and the Liberals before them) in the Duchy have long learnt to co-opt the language of Cornish nationalism and regionalism to boost their vote share. However, with a few notable exceptions, this nationalist posturing soon gets forgotten when election time is over. Simply look at the support various LibDems gave to the different Devonwall, South West and Tamarside regional projects over the years that have, or would have, buried Cornwall in a larger artificial region. They promised to campaign for a Cornish Assembly and then lumped us with a unitary authority which has actually taken democratic control further away from Cornish communities.

So, my response? Well if you are genuine about Cornish devolution. If you really care about the Cornish environment and economy as well as Cornish culture and identity. If you truly think Cornwall should be recognised as one of the nations of the UK then voting for, supporting and joining Mebyon Kernow are the only logical options. Giving your energy and vote to one of the London parties, above all the LibDems, will simply prolong Cornwall's current situation and slow the emergence of a national voice for Kernow. Is such a voice important? It's the existence of the SNP and Plaid Cymru that has ensured devolution and increased prosperity for their respective nations, so clearly yes.

2) A Mebyon Kernow MP would be ignored.

Really? I think we all know this is far from the truth. Yes, in their total cynicism and lack of respect for the Cornish electorate, the big three parties would probably try and sideline an MK MP as they have done for SNP, Plaid and prominent independent MP's in the past. However the election of an MK MP would cause a minor political earth tremor that would rumble up the south west peninsula all the way to Westminster and beyond. It would be a great leap in Cornish recognition and perhaps the definitive step in the rehabilitation of our little nation.

Equally the Celtic Block of SNP and Plaid MP's to be formed after the election would, I'm sure, welcome an MK MP with open arms. Far from being ignored, if anything, we would punch above our weight. Personally I'd like to see such a block extended to include the English Greens and progressive democratic English nationalists, but such thoughts are for the future.

Voting Tory, Labour and, above all, LibDem HAS resulted in Cornwall being totally ignored by a distant central government that sees no reason in serving our very specific yet easily overlooked needs. Make no mistake! Every vote that Mebyon Kernow gets sends a crystal clear message to the government and the London based parties. Cornwall is not just another English county.

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