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George Eustice and Lobbying

This in from 38 Degrees.

I'm writing to you from 38 Degrees an online campaigning organisation. Currently we a running a local campaign in Camborne and Redruth to ask election candidates to support a ban on secret lobbying.The Labour, Lib Dem and Green candidates in the constituency have signed but the Conservative candidate George Eustice refuses to sign the pledge.

We have set up a petition asking him to sign and want to get hundreds of signatures on it so then we can turn up the pressure and look at taking out some local adverts before the election. It would be great if you could publicise the petition and encourage people at: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/george-ban-secret-lobbying

A great campaign but just a shame that they seem to have totally blanked Mebyon Kernow. If you want to point this out to them then contact Sarah Unsworth here: sarah.u-AT-38degrees.org.uk ( Replace -AT- with @ ).

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