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The despised - a follow-up

The article -The Cornish a despised identity?- has produced some interesting comments:

Many thanks, and it figures under current circumstances. Hope a Conservative Government would do better after all that party's claims, and I suggest the matter be brought to Conservative attention in respect of its current vigorous campaign here. I trust you have copied the note to others including MK - does anyone remember the Kilbrandon report these days?! The basics are there if anyone bothers to look - trouble is they don't.

Another had the following to say:

The methodology for the research did not include anywhere, even vaguely, in the vicinity of Cornwall (except Cardiff!). The conclusions are very flawed in assuming that people from Gateshead might provide a general view of English opinion - they certainly would not represent the views of Cornish people - especially in the matter of describing themselves as 'Geordie' - a common misconception. We have a different case.

I think it would be good to correspond with the compilers of this report to ask if their desk research included understanding the Cornish case - which is distinctive and has been the subject of a significant number of parliamentary encounters over the past 10 years.

I don't think the Cornish are being purposely excluded - the report simply hasn't heard about our position - which is different - difficult to understand when you consider all the fuss we make - but needing patient education methinks.

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