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A quick Cornish media round-up

Some kind words in the media for Dick Cole and Mebyon Kernow. To be compared with the BBC's new Cornish blog.

I'll vote for Kernow, says former Lib-Dem


"How committed to Newquay, St Austell and the Clay Country is each candidate in reality – are they just going for the prize of becoming MP or are they here for the long term? 
"My own conclusion is that there is one candidate who, regardless of the outcome and the size of his vote, will continue serving this area and Cornwall as he has already done for many years; my vote is going to Dick Cole, because, he is the one candidate I think will continue to fight for Cornwall and put its people first. 
"I had the privilege of working with Dick when we were both councillors on Restormel and he proved to me that despite the general cynicism about politicians, there are still a few people in the system that are guided by principle and dedication."

Compare that with the half hearted effort churned out by the BBC's Graham Smith (where did he pop up from BTW?) who instead of recognising the hard work and general qualities of the MK candidate simple opines that this will help the Tories. Not for an instant is the thought that MK could win the seat entertained, rather this idea, along with any respect for plural local democracy, is brushed aisde in favour of the confrontation between the two political dinosaurs LibDem and Tory.

The book cover of John Angarracks now classic -Our Future is History- seems fitting. This time the insidious influence coming from across the Tamar is the Anglo-British BBC doing what it can to smother the Cornish issue.

From the Cornish Observer blog: Ignoring the opposition....


Yes there are a lot of loyal Lib Dem supporters who will be voting for Steve and yes there are a lot of Conservative voters out there keen to see Caroline elected. But I can also see that there are a lot of people who know Dick Cole very well, have seen how he has worked well as a councillor both at Restormel and County Hall and will be giving their vote to MK. 
Then there are those who are unsure where to go - with the MPs expenses scandal still fresh in the mind it is unlikely that they are going to choose one of the big three. 
So why not MK? They're local, they have a respected candidate and they have not go their snouts in the trough. I think that is probably the more viable option than going for the one issue party that is UKIP. Or for that matter the Green Party or (shudder) the BNP.

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