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The Political Circus Comes to Town

First we were treated to the sad spectacle of UKIP clumsily courting the Celtic vote. Now the Tories are ratcheting up their campaign in the Duchy by, once again, playing to Cornish particularist, not to say nationalist, sentiments.

Tories Pledge Minister for Cornwall.

The Conservative party wants our votes but even the quickest of looks at their origins will soon disabuse you of any idea that they actually care about our nation.

The conservatives are old school English nationalists. Britain rules the waves, England rules Britain and the lot is run from London by an elite who just know what's what and how things should be.

My prediction? The proposed Minister will soon be wheeled off stage and Devonwall wheeled back on if they are elected.

The Lib Dems correctly condem this move by the Tories as simple "window dressing", and who better to know than the masters of ineffectual Cornish flag waving? Remember who promised to campaign for a Cornish Assembly and then lumped us with a centralised dead end Unitary Authority that has taken democracy further away from the people and primed Cornwall to be a simple subdivision of some South West government zone.

London based political parties chasing the massive English vote can never -their very nature prevents- put our Cornish communities first. Only a party for Cornwall can do this. The existence, and success, of the SNP and Plaid Cymru is the only reason their respective nations obtained devolution and, today, greater prosperity.

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P.S. More Tory Celtic courting here. Watch this and you'll see the depth of understanding the Conservatives have for the Celtic nations.

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