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More Tory Cornish Talk

Rupert Matthews: What exactly are "the nations and regions" of the UK?

Just to bookmark the above article from the Conservative Home website in which the author writes:

Then there are the Cornish. An independent Celtic state, it fell under English rule during the pressure of the Viking invasions. The Cornish retained their language and culture and even now consider themselves distinct from the English. The LibDems with typical opportunism want Cornwall to be raised to the status of a region within England. The policy has some traction in the county, but nobody east of the Tamar (including the LibDem national leadership) seem to take the ambition very seriously.

Can't help but agree with the author and his analysis of the LibDem position on Cornish devolution. It seems that local Cornish LibDem, MP's and PPC's, are allowed to wave their St Pirans flags for the purpose of co-opting the pro-Cornish vote, and in doing so retard the development of a truly Cornish alternative to the London parties, but wave their flags west of the Tamar is about the limit. Talk to any LibDem from the rest of the UK and you'll meet a puzzled look if you talk about a Cornish Assembly.

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