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Hang 'em!

From OurKingdom: Hang 'em - in this week's New Statesman

How should we vote? By 'we' I mean all of us who are democrats: women and men who treasure liberty, regard our fellow citizens as our moral and political equals, want honest government, honourable leaders and an economic policy not motivated primarily by the urge to make Britain fit for global finance.

So starts Anthony Barnett's interesting article, suggestion, for the forthcoming election. From what I can glean from the OK article, not having read the New Statesman, the suggestion seems to be a coalition, or at least large cooperation, between SNP, Plaid ( Mebyon Kernow to I hope), Greens, Lib Dems and any disaffected Tory and Labour members.

How would it work and would MK be able to carve out a position in such an alliance? Thoughts welcome.

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