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Graham Smith's Cornwall

An interesting blog development from the BBC with the creation of Graham Smith's Cornwall.

We'll have to wait and see if the BBC use this as yet another opportunity to ram the word 'county' down Cornish throats contrary, of course, to the advice of the Royal Kilbrandon report into the UK's constitution which had this to say:

Just as the people of Scotland and Wales tend to resent the description of their countries as regions of the United Kingdom, so the people of Cornwall regard their part of the United Kingdom as not just another English county. The creation of the Duchy of Cornwall in the 14th century may have been in some respects a mark of English overlordship, but it established a special and enduring relationship between Cornwall and the Crown. Use of the designation on all appropriate occasions would serve to recognise both this special relationship and the territorial integrity of Cornwall, on which our witnesses laid great stress.

Even if it does turn out to be just as British sate-nationalist as the rest of the Beeb, the new blog still adds to the growing Cornish political blogosphere. Comments are open so it's up to the pro-Cornish to leave their thoughts.

As an aside. Two more accounts worth following on Twitter are: @madderdoee & @CoSERG

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