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European Democracy: a model for the UK?

An interesting article here from OurKingdom: The European Commission is more democratic than the British cabinet.

It compares the unrepresentative UK parliament, that is so easily bullied into submission by the executive, to the far more proportional EU Parliament and its muscled performance.

Common is the cry from eurosceptics that the EU is undemocratic. It's not perfect, that's for sure. A grass roots campaign by all EU citizens to take back Europe and its construction is long overdue, but have some decency when questioning democratic credentials.

Added to the OK article, as is usual, were the following anti-EU comments from an English nationalist this time (but it can equally be Tory, UKIP or BNP that provides the service):

The whole European project is profoundly anti-democratic foisted on the people by a political elite out of touch with those they are supposed to represent.

A quick reality check needed for some I see.

The UK has:

An unelected second chamber, an unelected head of state, an unelected Prime Minister, a feudal constitution that includes UFOs like the Duchy of Cornwall, a totally unproportional electoral system, a very centralised government, unelected quangos a go go, no written constitution or bill of rights, no guarantee of equality before the law...what else...I could go on.

The EU has:

A Parliament elected by us, a European Council made of presidents or PM's elected by us (except the UK PM that is), a Council of Ministers made of ministers from each member state and so elected by us, a Commission which is nominated by the Council of Ministers (elected by us) and confirmed by the Parliament (elected by us), constitutionally recognised fundamental human rights and a principal of subsidiarity...what else...I could continue.

My use of 'us' above, of course, refers to we the citizens of Europe, and I think therein lies the problem for many europhobes. They simply don't like sharing a democracy with Johnny Foreigner. Imposing the Anglo-British system on the Cornish, Welsh, Scottish and Irish, that's fine, but really sharing democracy as equals! What a terrible idea!

Anyway, the EU is far from perfect, I totally agree, but for goodness sake get your priorities right!

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