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Englands Green Party V The Party for Cornwall

There is to be no repeat of the 2005 MK Green electoral pact for 2010.

Too bad. Whilst Cornish nationalists and Greens haven't always been the best of bedfellows there are still plenty of points of convergence between the two parties. The Greens support for a Cornish Assembly is a laudable example as is MK's stance on environmental issues. In fact the two parties share so much policy that there is no contradiction in MK and the Green Party for England and Wales being partners within the EFA / European Green alliance.

In four Cornish constituencies the Greens and MK will be running against each other, a shame, but I suppose that's democracy. In Newquay / St.Austell and North Cornwall however there will be no Green candidates. Is it too much to expect the Greens to support the MK candidates in these two seats?

This from their website:

Sorry, we do not have candidates in these areas. We recommend that you do vote, but we will not explcitly endorse a candidate from any other party.

The fifth of our ten core values states: "A healthy society is based on voluntary co-operation between empowered individuals in a democratic society, free from discrimination whether based on race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, social origin or any other prejudice." so no green minded person would ever vote for a party of racist bigots who may be standing here.

We would also recommend that you do not vote for either Lib Dem or Tory (or Labour, although they are pretty irrelevant in Cornwall) candidates as we regard them as indistinguishable and fatally weak on economic and environmental matters. We would also not vote for UKIP as their little England attitude has no place in the modern world.

Having excluded those, look at any remaining candidates on their own merits. There is at least one other party (MK) who may have good candidates in these two areas, and there may be independents - look closely at them. If you still feel that there is no one you can vote for then, we recommend you write in Green on the ballot paper - and join us !

There we go. Better than nothing I suppose. Would MK have done as much if the situation was reversed?

Again, after witnessing the success of the electoral platform, Europe Ecologie, in the recent French regional elections -now the third force in French politics- you have to ask; couldn't we do a better job of cooperation? Europe Ecologie has regrouped the French Greens with democratic nationalists and regionalists as well as various other personalities to great electoral success.

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