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Cornish Social Media

The continuing Cornish internet invasion has seen some more developments.

A new Cornish blog aggregator -Blog Kernow- has been created as a one stop site for access to the Cornish blogosphere. Simple and clear, it's a must for all interested in Cornish blogging. Ideally a similar site for pro-Cornish bloggers only would be useful in the campaign for greater home-rule and national recognition.

Twitter has seen an increase in pro-Cornish activity too. Apart from yours truly, @TheCornishDem, others worth a follow include: @MebyonKernow, @Tredhek, @KernowLeague, @BlogKernow, @MKcam_red@simonreedkw and @KernowAction

Whilst on Facebook can be found: Celebrate Kernow, Cornwall Respect, Mebyon Kernow, Radyo an Gernewegva - Cornish Language Radio, Movyans Skolyow Meythrin (Nursery Schools Movement) CIC, Kernow-X, CoBER and the Kernow Branch Celtic League, just to mention a few!

The question has to be asked why aren't our MK PPC's, the Stannary, CoSERG and other pro-Cornish activists not making more of social media such as Facebook and Twitter when it's so simple and quick to do?

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