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Cornish nationalism a sane kind of nationalism.

At the end of this excellent Nosemonkey article -The libertarian case for European integration- treating the connection between Libertarians and Eurosceptic nationalists, can be found the following:

It genuinely baffles me. Can any libertarian provide me with a libertarian case for this apparent nationalism? Because the way I see it, nationalism and libertarianism are mutually exclusive – one being a collective idea focussed around the concept of a geographically and legally-restrictive state, the other focussed around the ideas of individualism and freedom.

I know what is being said when the word 'nationalism' is used. I'm fully aware of the reactionary and majority ethnic group state-nationalists -BNP, UKIP etc- being described. Being cut very much from the same cloth we probably need to add most English nationalist activists to this group as well. By and large they are from the English hard right, but having lost their faith in an Anglo-Britain post devolution, they have snatched back their toys and stormed off to campaign for an English parliament.

Surely nobody can be thinking that the progressive civic nationalism of Mebyon Kernow has anything to do with the above? Read their policies and see for yourselves if you have any doubt.

Anyway I left the following message to test the water and see what the response would be:

Don’t know what to make of that. As a Cornish nationalist I wish to see power devolved to a Cornish layer of government as well as full recognition of Cornwall’s national identity, but equally I’m an ardent supporter of federalism on a European and, yes, global scale.

I also have nothing against freedom and individualism. Quite the contrary.

To which I received this reassuring response from MatGB:

Philip–yours is a sane kind of nationalism, a type that probably needs to find a different word to differentiate itself from the “stop the world” kind that wants to look to one, and only one, nation–scratch the surface of UKIP and, while some members are sane, rational internationalists, others are frothing lunatics who are convinced of various things, including the primacy of the UK, and the absolute need to, for example, to support the Orange ascendency in Northern Ireland (in order to maintain the UK).

UKIP has a libertarian wing (that DK used to be part of), but it also has rapid xenophobes who will both refuse to recognise Cornish nationhood but refuse to accept more than one tier of Govt, which has to be Westminster.

Cornish nationalism a sane kind of nationalism. I like that.

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