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The Cornish Democrats are not the Cornish Democrat!

Okay! Is that clear? Cornish Zetetics: New Cornish party: old British politics.

Perhaps a name change for the blog is now needed. Something in Cornish maybe.

Anyway, a distinctly Cornish party that forces Cornishness into the dialogue on the right of the political spectrum, is that such a bad thing? A right-wing vote split between BNP, UKIP, Tory and now the Cornish Democrats, but with the difference of Cornishness gaining in importance.

It should be noted that the right has already started to co-opt the language of Cornish nationalism and some of its themes. From the BNP's recognition of a 'Celtic Cornish folk community', via UKIP's support for Cornwall's 'Gaelic' language, to the Tories various efforts noted on this blog.

Can this be seen as a success, of a limited scope, for the Cornish movement?

Someone who votes for the Cornish Democrats, would they have ever voted for the left and green Mebyon Kernow anyway?

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