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An Gof the anarchist?

It's not only Cornish nationalists who have recuperated the character of An Gof (The Smith). 

1497 has cast a long shadow across Cornwall indeed.

Cornish anarchists -Kernow Action- are the latest to pay tribute to the Cornish who fought in our numerous uprising with the following words: "Cornwall has a long history of resistance and rebellion which should be honoured and must be continued".

Kernow Action claim not to be Cornish nationalists but anarchists opposed to all state control. "We have pride in our communities and rage at their destruction". Noble sentiments shared by a very large portion of those they describe as nationalists.

I hope they choose their political enemies carefully as those of us fighting for greater home-rule for Kernow and all its citizens should not be amongst them.

Still, in their firm stance against state control perhaps we can welcome comrades in arms against the unelected quangos, government bodies and insidious Duchy of Cornwall that have so much power over our little nation.

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