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Feudalism has no place in a modern democracy

A new release from Unlock Democracy: Feudalism has no place in a modern democracy

This follows Gordon Brown's call for a written constitution for the UK by 2015 to mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.

Great! So this undoubtedly means that the constitutional status of the Duchy of Cornwall will come in for full public scrutiny, and that any future direction that it may take will be decided in consultation with the Cornish public?

The answer is -probably not- unless we, the people of Cornwall, make enough of a fuss. It's a shame our elected representatives on the Council don't take more of an interest in what could be of crucial importance for Kernow.  If Cornwall were provided with the decision making powers allowed for in its Duchy constitution it would lead to a radical empowerment of all citizens over their own futures.  Perhaps when considering ones political career there are some boats one just doesn't rock?

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