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Civil Liberty: with friends like these......

It has come to the attention of One Kernow that the organisation -Civil Liberty- has recently commented on the Cornish question, and in particular the recent communications between the Celtic League and the EHRC.

Civil Liberty is intimately connected to the BNP and other elements from the British and English far-right. As an organisation one of its roles is to gather funds for the BNP among fascist sympathisers in the USA.

Whilst their critique of the UK governments policy towards the Cornish national minority (equally including the Scottish, Welsh and Irish) is not without reason, their stigmatizing of other minority groups in the same article is deplorable.

The combat for a fairer juster society is one the Cornish share with all other minority groups and, indeed, all citizens. The only response to the odious support of such groups as Civil Liberty is the firm adherence to the principle of strength in unity.

It should be noted that the Celtic League is open to anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, language, sex or sexuality. Equally the League does not welcome any individual or group who/which embraces any theory of racial superiority or exclusiveness.

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