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One Big Echo of a Much Nicer Place

The Cornish Democrat has received the e-mail below and is only too happy to help Cornish writers. I've not read the book but it's now on my list.

I thought your members might be interested in hearing about my new collection of comic stories called One Big Echo of a Much Nicer Place.

All the stories are set in Cornwall, and a real Cornwall at that. As the blurb says, it ‘scratches away the false veneer of chic bistros and trendy surf shacks to enter a Cornwall that few from outside realise exists...’

Reviews have been good so far. ‘Very funny,’ says the Cornishman. ‘His stories invariably possess a great sting in the tail,’ says the West Briton. And Colin Wilson, author of cult 1950s tome The Outsider states: ‘Martin Philp is a highly original writer of great talent. His odd blend of humour and tragedy must be quite unique.’

Published by Scryfa, One Big Echo of a Much Nicer Place is available in bookshops in Cornwall for just £7.50. You can also buy it securely online from the One Big Echo website

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