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The jigsaw of identity: one person, many pieces (2009)

For Diversity Against Discrimination: the jigsaw of identity: one person, many pieces (2009)

Released on the occasion of the Equality Summit in Stockholm, 16–17 November 2009, this film explores the theme of identity within the context of our societies where prejudices and stereotyping are commonplace and promoting the values of a diverse society remains a constant challenge. Through looking at the lives of three different personalities at ease with the many aspects of their identity and their place in society, the film inspires viewers to reflect upon how they see themselves and how others see them.

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Badham Farm said...

The problem is perhaps that most minorities feel more comfortable or at ease living with their own cultural group and thus create their own 'ghettos'. Perhaps some of the reason is fear of the majority but mainly perhaps because it is just easier. If an incoming group of 'immigrants' starts to infiltrate or overwhlem the existing cultural groups this leads to fear and suspicion that their own identities may be lost as well as their own common values. This was a major problem in kosovo when many Albanians who had been oppressed and economically deprived startred to become a very significant proprtion of the population in Kosovo and wanted to make changes that better suited their culture and identity. Not an easy problem to solve and legislating to provide a balnced society is another impossibility that would alienate all sides. Nobody ever said life was easy - except for the wealthy of course - who can exploit any particular group at ease !!