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I'm not a racist but.....

A thought provoking article here from the generally excellent OurKingdom blog.

Many voters are 'against immigration' and against foreign aid (they say things to me on the doorstep along the lines of: "We should take care of our own; that's enough"); and yet they insist that they are not racists. This includes many Tories and the whole of UKIP - and many ordinary voters.

I've tried to introduce the idea of national minorities into the debate which has followed. Hope some take note.

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OHS said...

Cornwall may have always been distinct from England; but something curious has happened over the last 20 or 30 years. Many parts of England have changed so fast, through immigration and economics that, for many, Cornwall today feels more like the England many people used to know, than “modern England” itself. It is one of the attractions of modern Cornwall for some English people, a reassuring walk back into their own past.

I’m not just trying to say “Cornwall is less multicultural” (though that’s factor, there’s a feeling that Cornish culture is more similar to traditional English culture than Asian or black culture) I’m also trying to say that many people haven’t been comfortable with the pace or type of change that’s happened around them - whole areas bulldozed, giant out of town shopping centres, mega-bars, ultra fast pace of life etc.

None of this will be good news for a Cornish nationalist; it sounds too much like Cornwall as a refuge from modern life. But, who knows, if the peak oil theorists turn out to be correct, Cornwall may be seen as one of the most modern parts of the UK.