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The first MK MP?

From the thisiscornwall website: Will 2010 be the year of the first MK MP?

In their New Year Message, MK’s team of parliamentary candidates have invited local people to look beyond the main London-based political parties and cast their votes for Cornwall in 2010. With a General Election expected in May/June 2010, MK is hoping that voters will turn to it in ever-increasing numbers.

The joint New Year Message has been released by Dick Cole (St Austell and Newquay), Loveday Jenkin (Camborne and Redruth), Simon Reed (St Ives), Loic Rich (Truro and Falmouth) and Joanie Willett (North Cornwall). It reads as follows:

“2009 was not a good year for politics. Faith in the political process is at an all-time low after the MP expenses scandal, the re-emergence of discussion about constitutional reform generated plenty of hot air and little else, while here in Cornwall we had the unitary council imposed on us despite massive local opposition.

“Government action to tackle the economic down-turn, caused by recklessness in the banking sector and the failure of government regulation has cost billions. And it will be ordinary people who will end paying for years to come as the main London parties try to out-do each other in coming forward with plans for severe cuts to public spending, job cuts in the public sector and reductions in service provision.

“Cornwall needs MPs that will stand up and fight for the best interests of local people and to protect public services.

“Over the last twelve months or so, the Lib Dems and the Conservatives have spent a small fortune promoting their Westminster hopefuls in Cornwall. There is a better alternative and we appeal to one and all to look beyond the main London-based political parties and consider supporting a Cornish political party 100% committed to local communities.

“A vote for MK will be a positive statement that we want Cornish communities to thrive, our economy to prosper and a clear statement that we are confident in the ability of local people to make the political decisions that matter.

“A large vote for MK would make headlines. The election of one or more MK MPs would cause a political earthquake and be one of THE stories of the election – putting Cornwall well and truly on the map.”

Further information

Glenn Renshaw, MK’s candidate for the South-East Cornwall seat, recently stood down for family reasons. A new candidate is presently being selected.

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