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Conan Jenkin / Skol Dy'Sadorn

Following the predictable criticisms and attacks form English nationalists on the Times website, Conan Jenkin has responded on Cornwall 24 concerning the new Cornish Language pre-school project. 

People will be glad to know that the first Skol Dy'Sadorn was a great success with 8 children and ten parents. The next one will be taking place tomorrow and it is expected that numbers will increase.

Just to clarify things for a few people who dislike any kind of Cornish language promotion. This project is costing peanuts to the taxpayer (about 50 pounds a week) and the money is coming from money which has already been allocated for Cornish language promotion. Indeed Movyans Skolyow Meythrin (MSM) are keen to eventually dispense with any funding from the Cornish Language Partnership so that their limited resources can be used for other Cornish Language projects.

All the educational professionals involve have given their time freely, as have all the directors to establish the school. MSM is a community interest company which means it is not publicly funded and like any company will welcome grants from public bodies. Some people have raised the issue of our directors having a range of ethnic origins. Of the four company directors, two were born in Cornwall and two weren't, for us that doesn't matter because we welcome ALL the people of Cornwall to join in our venture and are against any kind of discrimination. Any parent or child living in Cornwall should have the opportunity to learn Cornish.

We hope you can join us or can encourage someone you know who is interested to either attend or help out.

Contact details on: Movyans Skolyow Meythrin.

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