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The complaint to the EHRC about anti-Cornish insults

The Celtic League's complaint to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (see below) seems to have stirred up a fair bit of press coverage.

If you feel strongly about this issue and would like to add your voice to the complaint please do contact the EHRC as well as your local MP and Councillors (as well as anyone else you think may be interested). Some suggestions as to who to copy your complaint to are:

The letter from the Celtic League.

Condemnation of use of the word ‘inbred’ to describe the Cornish 

I am writing to you on behalf of the Celtic League to ask that you offer support for a resolution that was passed unanimously at our annual general meeting (agm) held in Truro, Cornwall on 18th July 2009 

The resolutions states:

“That the Celtic League utterly condemns the frequency used description of Cornish nationals as ‘inbred’ amongst other insulting phrases both in the media, on the internet and elsewhere, and calls upon the Equality and Human Rights Commission as well as the Council for Racial Equality in Cornwall to join us in taking action to remedy the ongoing insult caused.” 

In addition, over the last few years a number of individuals have contacted our branch to complain about various comments and articles that have been written in newspapers, magazines and aired on the radio referring to the Cornish as ‘inbred’ and being generally derogatory and/or insulting. These references also come from individuals in a private capacity and also from sources on the internet, but a surprising number also come from supposedly well respected sources like BBC Radio, The Times newspaper (London), The Western Morning News, The Guardian newspaper, The Spectator and a website of Imperial College London. 

Over the last several years, the Celtic League (the organisation and branch) has written a number of letters to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) calling for action against different newspaper articles that have derided and/or insulted the Cornish in some way. However, in each case the PCC have explained to us that there is very little or nothing they can or are prepared to do. 

The Kernow Branch has very limited resources to deal with these complaints effectively and feel that an organisation like the Equality and Human Rights Commission and/or the Council for Racial Equality in Cornwall should be doing this for the public. We would therefore like your help and support in asking you for a comment in a response to this letter that we can use in the future condemning racist and prejudiced comments towards the Cornish.

We look forward to your response, which we aim to distribute widely among our members and elsewhere. 

Yours sincerely 

Branch Secretary

Kernow Branch

Celtic League

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